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Homework policy

All courses require homework assignments on a daily basis. Students should spend a minimum of two to three hours each day reviewing, studying, and, in general, fulfilling the responsibilities of each class. Home study reinforces concepts, skills, facts, etc. Working independently, students develop confidence in a given area. Questions which arise while doing an assignment may be addressed at the beginning of the next day’s class, supporting the presentation of followup material. Working collaboratively with a classmate can be a mutually beneficial experience; however, copying another’s homework is cheating and negates the benefits each student derives from her assignments. While some time for study is built into each student’s schedule, additional home study should always be considered necessary. Individual learning styles should determine the study environment most conducive to achievement, whether in school or at home.

Failure Policy

Students who fail three or more subjects in one year are not readmitted to Fontbonne Academy the following year. Students who fail one or two required subjects for the year must successfully complete an approved summer program to make up the academic credit. Students who fail to do so will not be allowed to return in September. The grade earned in the summer program does not replace the original failing grade and is not counted into the student’s overall GPA. Seniors who fail one or more subjects required for graduation are not allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony, but they can make up the credits and receive a Fontbonne diploma upon successfully completing an approved summer school program.

Technology Use Policy

FontbonneAcademy provides computers to enhance the educational experience of its students. Computers are located in various sites throughout the buildings. Students are expected to exercise this privilege in a manner consistent with the educational objectives of the school.

Any activity which is disruptive or offensive to other students or adults is subject to disciplinary action. Students who use school computers for unethical, illegal, personal, or mischievous purposes will be referred to the Assistant Head of School for Student Life for disciplinary action and will lose their computer privileges. For additional information about this policy, refer to the Student Handbook.

Academic Integrity Policy

A Fontbonne woman is expected to be a woman of integrity in all of her relationships with others; social, professional, spirtual, and academic. Academic integrity is just one aspect of the personal integrity which the Academy hopes to develop and foster in each community member. Academic Integrity at Fontbonne is an all-embracing philosophy and policy which is a natural outgrowth of the definition of a Fontbonne woman, the 4Rs of respect, responsibility, reconciliation, and reverence, and the Mission Statement. Academic Integrity includes all student/teacher, student/administrator, student/student, and student/parent interactions and relationships. All forms of work (written and oral) and all forms of assessments (tests, quizzes, papers, projects, reports, presentations, homework) fall under its heading. Academic Integrity means being honest and taking responsibility for one's own work. It means demonstrating self-respect for others by doing one's own assignments and giving credit to those whose words or ideas may have been used in the course of doing those assignments.

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