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Health and Physical Education

All students are required to complete .5 credit of Health and 1.0 credit of Physical Education in order to graduate.

Department Philosophy

The Health and Physical Education curriculum has as its goal to help students integrate social, emotional, physical, and mental achievement. Physical education and sports build on all educational experiences at Fontbonne Academy and prepare the students for adulthood, maturity, responsibility, and concern for others. Health education offers students a framework for understanding personal wellness and well-being.


  • To stress the value of physical fitness through activities, skills development, and game play
  • To further develop motor skills through instruction and practice drills
  • To develop an understanding of rules and techniques of a variety of sports through instruction and game play
  • To introduce a variety of individual lifetime activities aimed at instilling an interest in the student that will carry on through life
  • To foster an attitude that will promote healthy lifestyle habits, a sense of personal worth and decrease participation in high-risk behaviors


Ellen Sullivan, Athletic Director / Chairperson / Health

Keri McPhillips, Asst. Athletic Director, Personal Trainer

Marie Elena Devine (Phys. Ed / Health)

Susan Katchpole (Health)

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