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All students are encouraged to take technology electives to enhance their academic experience and prepare them for future tasks in college and the workplace.

9 Grade Tech / Research Course works on multimedia presentations

Department Philosophy

Technology is an integrated and essential component in the high school curriculum. As a result, time is dedicated to teaching students about the necessary hardware and software technology skills that are required in their educational and career environments for 21st Century skills. These skills are incorporated into all curriculums with the use of internet tools such as Wiki's, Blogs, Journals, and online Discussions. Students learn how to utilize Microsoft Office applications to master their abilities in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. The word processing application assists students in the preparation of term papers and fine tunes their desktop publishing skills. Multimedia productions are created to enhance presentation skills, while spreadsheet and database information is generated and used for problem solving. Mini-courses are offered to enhance skills in more specific areas such as Media Literacy and Digital Photography.

The technology lab is a collaborative atmosphere that is designed to promote discussion and communicate ideas. All aspects of Internet use, copyright, plagiarism, ethics, website evaluation, and research techniques are explored and evaluated. The Internet is then used to provide pertinent data for student knowledge. Courses such as Video Editing, HTML & Web Design, Criminology and Law, and the Virtual High School provide useful skills for careers in many disciplines.


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Douglas Anderson
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For a list of course offerings, refer to the Program of Studies 2012-2013 (PDF).

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