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Virtual High School

(NOTE: Courses run full year or semester only. Full year courses are given 1.00 credit, while half year courses are given 0.5 credit. If you wish to fulfill a 1.00 credit requirement, you must take either a full year course or two semester courses. If taking semester courses, a passing grade for each semester course is required to receive the full 1.00 credit.)


What is VHS?

The Virtual High School (VHS) project is a collaborative of high schools around the country. In exchange for contributing a small amount of teaching time, a school in the collaborative can offer its students NetCourses ranging from advanced academic courses to technical and specialized courses. Each school provides a VHS Site Coordinator who is reponsible for project management and support of teachers and students at the local school. Fontbonne currently enrolls up to ten students per year for each course. Quality of teaching is maintained by requiring each teacher to complete a "Teacher's Learning Conference", a graduate level NetCourse designed to give participants exposure to the best educational strategies and technologies for NetCourse teaching. Through this distance learning program, students can select from over 100 courses in any discipline to take over the Internet using an independent study approach. See the VHS Course Catalog for a list of offerings. This catalog can be obtained online at

How do I apply?

To get started, discuss your course selections with your guidance counselor. If you are a candidate for this program, go to, view the course catalog and then print out an application.


Click here for the VHS APPLICATION

Discuss this course selection with your Guidance Counselor. Once a decision is made and your application is complete, bring this form to the site coordinator to establish your registration into the appropriate course.


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